toalete ecologice
Toilet cabin advantages:
• Rapid placement at minimum costs
• Independent of water and sewage networks
• Delivery to any location, even in isolated ones
toalete ecologice servicii xsToilet cabins emptying is done weekly or on request - depending on the number of users.
Available for rent or sale:
- Standard toilet cabins: toilet paper, lock, tank collector of approx. 225 l (depending on stock)
toaleta ecologica xs- Toilets with washbasin: sink, toilet paper holder, lock, tank collector of approx. 225 l (depending on stock)
Usages of toilet cabins:
- Construction: site organizations
- Events: concerts, trade shows, meetings, sport events, weddings, festivals
- Entertainment: parks, gardens
- Locations without water supply and sewage
Transport and delivery of toilet cabins is done throughout the country.