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Rent / Sale - Turnkey modular construction

Algeco Romania is part of Algeco Scotsman Group - world leader in modular construction. It provides full services of modular spaces, mobile storage solutions and management of site organization. Algeco Scotsman Group operates in 37 countries and has a fleet of over 300,000 units.

Do you need temporary or permanent office spaces, fully equipped, ready to move in? We can offer you a fast solution!
Do you want civil or industrial construction site organization? We can manage your project!
Do you need a commercial space for your activity? We can customize our containers for you!
Do you want to organize an event anywhere in Romania? We can supply you fences, toilets and many more!
Our containers can be used in many business lines!

Need a reliable partner? Then you need Algeco – internationally active, with high quality standards.

Whether you need temporary or permanent, we offer you the complete space solution with full range of related services, perfectly functional in a very short time and at the highest quality standards.

The "360° Services" will offer you the turnkey project and management after delivery: we assembly different configurations of containers and then we customize them with furniture, equipment and all necessary accessories and services for you to work in the best conditions. The final solution will contain best practices together with our experience.

Our products and services are addressing to any budget and cover the most innovative ideas and plans, whether you are working in construction, industry, education, services, or public administration.

With us you can streamline your projects, optimizing financial resources, time and space. Our team offers you full support: commercial, technical, operational and logistic.

Professionalism, international background, our financial strength and our efficiency demonstrates you that we are a stable and reliable partner, facts that recommend us to become the sole provider for your project.

We stay at your disposal for developing your ideas, with the skills and experience needed, and the desire to build a long term partnership.

Algeco Romania Team