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Algeco Data - DATA services for modular buildings

Often, when it comes to IT services for modular buildings, you need to use an external provider to connect your computer and phone.
Using the Data service for modular buildings that Algeco offers, you have your own network with integrated installation. It provides guaranteed savings, as well speed in putting your equipment into operation in the shortest time possible.
In fact, you have access to a centralized plug & play connection system (IP phone, Internet, etc.) for instant use.
Arrive, log in, start working. It's as simple as home. We are connected to all your needs!
The strengths of our solution:

•    Dedicated spaces with Internet, electrical and telephone sockets.
•    Secure network.
•    Flexibility!

Our solutions are adapted to all the configurations of buildings and to computer, telephone and electrical equipment. Think in silence! All of our equipment complies with current safety standards.