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ABOUT ALGECO - Leader in modular buildings, hire and sale of modular buildings

Our experience of over 60 years entitles us to recommend ourselves as a point of reference in the modular construction market. Having become a leader is not just a matter of time. This has come as a result of the curiosity to strengthen the know-how in the field of prefabricated modular construction units and the system of hiring and selling modular construction units. It is about the clear view of quality, along with the power of inventiveness to combine comfort with functionality, aesthetics and the ecological, it is an alchemy of success in providing incomparable space solutions.

From pioneering to leading the field. Hire of modular buildings

The adventure started in 1955, along with the invention of modular construction units. With small steps and basic elements, our products have become more and more elegant and comfortable, so that together with the services brought as an added value, they become fully functional. Our work delivered the expected results: the most renowned architects resort to Algeco space solutions in their projects, opting for either hiring or buying modular construction units.

Optimal solutions, professionalism and international experience. Sale of modular buildings

This excellence in the field of modular construction has spread internationally, Algeco operating in more than 29 countries such as: France, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Today we are the first in our field, but this is not an end by itself. Our passion is intact, and our motivation is fast-growing. First of all, our focus is to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering them the best on the modular construction market, in terms of hire and sale of modular construction units. And we won’t stop here. We invest in the satisfaction of those who believe in us, of those who impel us to move forward by stimulating curiosity and inventiveness to find the optimal, 100% personalized space solution